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Asbestos Removal Guide

By michaeljgroh | April 15, 2018

I often discover potential asbestos products during home inspections and my clients are typically very concerned when I note these items on my reports. I try to inform them that not all situations are harmful however any disturbance to asbestos materials should be done under the supervision of a professional abatement company. Any home built before…

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7 Things Your Home Inspector Wishes You Knew

By nick backert | March 5, 2017

Please check out this great article from that can help all buyers and sellers through your home inspection experience.   Want more great resources?

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WINTER. Is Your Home Ready For It?

By nick backert | January 6, 2016

Although winter has started off unusually warm this year, freezing temperatures could arrive in a blink of an eye and you should ask yourself if you home is prepared to handle the winter conditions. In this article, I will walk you through the steps of how to “winterize your home”. I categorize winterization into two…

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I have always had a passion for inspecting buildings and I had a very positive experience with my home inspection many years ago. Because of that experience, I later received my home inspector license and have enjoyed providing many clients, friends and family members with home inspections, and consulting on home renovation projects.